Ooh. These Kizzmos are shiny. What are they made of?

We enlisted a top-of-the-line surgical instrument manufacturer to craft our Kizzmos. They are also a family company, three generations in the making and have been making quality surgical instruments for over 20 years. We use surgical grade Japanese stainless steel that is not nickel or chrome plated, but instead sport a pure metal mirror polish. Kizzmos are food-safe and have no danger of rusting.

Why are these silicon tips included?

Kizzmos are sharp. Please use caution while handling these tools. They are potentially dangerous if used carelessly. Kizzle Kit is not responsible for injuries that result from carelessness, misuse or accidents. Please return silicon tips after use to avoid injury.

Whoa. The magnets in this Zippie Kizzmit are pretty strong. Can they do any damage?

Kizzle Kit does recommend that you keep the Zippie magnets a fair distance away from computers, laptops, credit cards, floppy disks and your VHS collection.

Do you guys have some sort of a glossary or something?

BINNIE You have to keep your stuff somewhere so Kizzle Kit started a line of jars and container systems. Currently, there is a Small 2oz (64ml) glass jar with logo and aluminum twist top cap. /Binnie JAMMIE Perfectly sized and rounded for common spaces such as dug outs, vaporizers and bowls, Jammie slides loose leaf without losing a crumb. One scoop equates to about one serving. /Kizzmo KIZZLE KIT A Kizzle Kit is any combination of Kizzle Kit’s popular products that come together in concert to craft a cool experience. KIZZLER MICROFIBRE Kizzler is the category of Kizzle Kit products that is devoted to keep your Kizzmos clean. The microfibre fabric is specially formulated to maintain that Kizzmo shine. /Kizzler KIZZMIT A Kizzmit is a discrete, stylish tool case that is designed to securely hold Kizzmos. Kizzle Kit debuted with a roll and tie style, then followed up with a Zippie which features a zippered enclosure. KIZZMO Kizzmo refers to any tool in Kizzle Kit’s suite of surgical grade, Japanese steel tools. POKIE Pokie is specialized for clearing bowls, picking at grinders, and scraping out vaporizers. Pokie’s heat-resistant stainless steel can also serve extracts. /Kizzmo ROLLER Kizzle Kit’s debut Kizzmit was the Roller, a roll and tie style tool case that secured Kizzmos with pockets and magnets stitched out of sturdy, easy to clean duck canvas. /Kizzmit SNIPPIE Snippie cuts up loose leaf, wraps, papers and filters. Carefully crafted for the comfortable hand-hold and long nose that fits well into jars. /Kizzmo WEEZIE Weezie features reverse tension to handle roaches with precision and style. /Kizzmo

I lost the instructions for my Kizzmos. Can you send me another copy?

You can find the instructions here. https://thekizzleclub.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/zippiekizzmitinclusioninstructionsdisclaimers2017-final.pdf



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